Meds and HVAC

Over the past 20 years, the amount of people that take antidepressants has dramatically increased. When people need help, there isn’t any shame in having to take a medicine that helps. It does often make you wonder why half of the youngsters are taking medicine as well as half the adults are on ecstatic pills. One specifically clever researcher determined that A/C as well as heating, has a wonderful impact on one’s mood. If the cooling system is not cooling enough, or the oil furnace is not warming enough, people have reported feeling sad or anxious, or other drawback emotions. It makes sense that some of those concerned people are not getting the perfect indoor air quality. That is when a psychologist team began suggesting to the patients that the experiment with the control settings on their A/C systems. Anytime they felt uncomfortable or sad, they were told to adjust the cooling system one or two degrees lower. After doing this with the cooling system for a single week, the psychologist asked to see the patient again. The patient’s experiments with heating as well as air conditioning settings have not been very conclusive, however, it is definitely worth thinking about. I guess that wouldn’t both of us have had a hurricane as well as lost our A/C due to a power outage, I was extremely depressed. It really made me think about how the comfort level in my own home can really affect my overall mood. Perhaps more people could go without meds if they adjust the A/C system in their house.

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