May need to invest in space heaters


I am looking forward now that I have finished my final semester in college.  After graduation, I decided that I no longer wanted to live at home.  My parents thought it was best that I live on my own, and other than my mother’s cooking, the thing I may miss the most is their HVAC system.  It didn’t matter what time of year it was, the heating and cooling was always the best.  I have been living in an apartment of my own, for about three months now.  The air conditioning has been kind of sluggish, but I had been wondering what I had to look forward to, in way of heating.  We had an early cold snap this past week.  The furnace was working, but I found that there were so many places for the cold air to enter into the apartment, that I am finding myself yearning for the efficient heating and cooling at my parent’s home.  I am considering that I may have to invest into some space heaters to get me through the winter.  It really isn’t fun sleeping in a room that has more drafts than a haunted house.  I tried talking to the property manager about the difficulties I am having with HVAC system, but they don’t seem to want or to be able to do anything about it.  I remember how mom and dad always said how efficient and reliable their HVAC system was.  I thought that if I would be able to save a little money by getting an apartment that was run by a property manager.  Now I find that I will have to budget money, not just for the rent, but for running the portable space heaters.

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