Marijuana dispensaries are always fun

For weeks and weeks, I have been searching through ads in the newspaper and online to try and locate a good part time job. Before I leave for work in the morning I read through the entire classifieds section and the “Help Wanted” section to try and find something that I can do in the evenings. A few days ago, I even enrolled in a few online programs that will send me alerts to let me know if an employer in the area is looking for extra help. When you have a full time job like I do, getting a part time job can be difficult, since most jobs are available during the day. I need to have something to do for a few hours in the evening, and it’s been challenging to fill that time slot. Thankfully, I believe that I have finally found the perfect part time job–I can work at a local marijuana shop that is offering deliveries for marijuana house calls! That means that I would have to keep an eye on the orders, and start making marijuana house calls as soon as I get out of my full time job. I would be driving all across down to drop off orders that come into the weed shop, which would at least get me out of the house! It certainly isn’t a traditional type of part time job, but it would be really easy to fit it in my schedule, and making marijuana house calls means that I would be helping people out in very big ways. It would be really nice to make cannabis house calls and feel as though I am doing my part to help someone else feel healthier!  

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