Making up for our forgetfulness

I tend to be forgetful, and often neglect to do things.  I even just forget to turn off the oven, frequently lose my keys everywhere, and usually come right home from the grocery store without the very essential items.  I almost constantly pay all of my bills late, and miss appointments.  Sometimes, my carelessness just ends us costing myself and others much cash.  Because I never even remember to adjust the control unit before I go to work, I was continually just paying to heat or cool an empty house.  I would usually remember the control unit after I had already driven to work, and it was too late by that time already.  The furnace or air conditioner would operate at maximum capacity all day long it seems, maintaining my empty condo at the ideal temperature.  It took myself and others quite a while to finally actually just purchase and install a smart control unit.  First, I kept forgetting to research and figure out which type of control unit would really be the best for my requirements.  Then, I could never remember to stop at the hardware store and purchase the control unit.  It took myself and others several weeks to even just get around to handling the installation in my home.  I was surprised that mounting the control unit and connecting it to my internet was fairly self-explanatory.  Programming the control unit was self-explanatory, and it was has made a sizable difference in daily energy bills and comfort.  The control unit automatically just adjusts according to my very own schedule, and reminds myself and others when it’s time to replace the air filters in there.  Plus, I can multiple adjustments at any time from my smart cellphone or PC.  The smart control unit even offers energy saving tips to help split costs, and will alert my Heating plus A/C business if there is a problem at all.  

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