Making sure I keep an eye on the temperature

Do people we know ever have to deal with completely annoying distractions when people we know are working? I suppose that I do. I have coworkers who would rather gossip than entirely get anything done always coming to my desk to jibber jabber. I have a really demanding boss who never seems to get down to work himself always nagging me about this report or that customer. In addition, I have my purchasers. I try to do my utmost for my purchasers, however sometimes the purchasers and others can be rather rude & nuisances. I only have so much patience, & usually all of my goodwill throughout the course of any given day runs out because of all of the aforementioned distractions! What’s even more annoying is that my office suffers from a horrible heating & cooling system. I am pretty certain that this heating & cooling plan was last inspected about seven or eight years ago. I’m not even sure if the Heating & Air Conditioning service tech who came back then was fully qualified, however people we know suppose what I’m talking about. The one time I don’t bring a hoodie or something to work, the air conditioning runs throughout the day & not a single soul seems to suppose how to adjust the control unit. On tepid July afternoons , the furnace seems to run and run like an athlete, & I have to listen to the complaints of purchasers in my office while I develop pit stains in my blouse. I suppose that most people have enough task to keep them busy at the office separate from having to put up with the inadequacies of the building’s heating & cooling situation. It really is a necessity that a top responsibility of the management in every office is to ensure that the building’s heating & cooling plan is respectfully maintained and functioning at optimal output. I’d be happier if the building was kept a good temperature.

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