Making me sick-the indoor air quality

I was always becoming ill last winter season. I started feeling sick in the course of October and I didn’t become perfectly healthy until early July. I suffered from constant mild to severe headaches, sore throat, congestion, and usually felt lethargic. I started taking various vitamins, exercising more and making sure to obtain a solid eight hours of sleep during the night. I drank tons of lime juice, ate more fruit, and finally scheduled a visit with my doctor. I got a prescription to get antibiotics that didn’t help much at all. I missed a ton of work, and didn’t feel better until the warmer weather came through. Once I was finally able to open the windows and let some oxygen into the house, I ended up being rejuvenated. That’s when I realized that my symptoms were very likely caused by poor indoor air quality. I immediately contacted a nearby HVAC contractor to service my furnace. When he took the furnace completely apart, he found a tremendous amount of dust and bacteria contained in the unit. He confirmed that the furnace had been polluting my breathing air and probably was the main reason for my illness. Every time the air passed through the heating system, it picked up harmful spores, dust and toxic contamination, and then spread it all through the house. While I knew the HVAC service would help, I wanted to do much more. I invested in an air purifier which now functions all year round. The air purifier filters microscopic pollutants inside of the indoor air, capturing everything from dust and dander to smoke particles and viruses. Since installing the environment purifier, I’ve noticed that the house is way cleaner, smells much better, and is more comfortable. I have been feeling much better ever since.

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