Make sure to get heater and AC checked

My youngest sister is graduating from college tomorrow, and I am absolutely excited to attend her graduation. She has been in college for the past five years. Her college is located several hours away from our home, so  we drove out Last week to stay for a few nights . The hotel that I am staying in is one of the expensive hotels in the area, but honestly, it has one of the worst Heating & Air Conditioning systems I have ever seen. The thermostat either does not work or runs very inefficiently. I turned down the thermostat as soon as I got into the room Last week, and the thermostat had only gone down a few degrees by the time I got back to the hotel room. I contacted the front desk, but they insisted that the air conditioning had been working perfectly the day before and that I should just allow it some extra time. I did allow the thermostat some extra time; I waited all night, but when I woke up, the room still felt stuffy and hot, just like it had the night before. This afternoon, I called the front desk again, and they finally agreed to send a repair worker by to check on the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. They promised that the air conditioning would be working properly by later in the day. I have been out running errands all day, so I have not gone back to my hotel room to check on the A/C, but I am really hoping that they have fixed it. My sister is supposed to stay with me on her graduation night, and I do not want her celebration ruined by a lack of Heating & Air Conditioning!

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