Loving the thermostat technology

I was nearly a teenager when I realized that there was a way to change the heat settings in our home. My parents had planned for them to be the only people who would ever be in that closet, so I think they actually planned on putting the thermostat in that room. During the winter season, the lake house is always hot in addition to humid. I have never had a problem in this winter season, so I never thought about looking for a temperature control. When the winter season rolls around, I came beach house from college in addition to said I wasn’t going to go back. My parents were thrilled about my decision, in addition to the fact that they offered me the apartment above the garage. The apartment above the garage is absolutely lovely, except that it doesn’t have any heat or air-conditioning. My parents bought me a small wood stove Contraption with flames that light up and give off heat. It’s really nice looking, in addition to the fact that it produces an extremely nice amount of heat during the winter. I constantly found myself piling blankets on the bed, so the new space heater was a welcome addition to my apartment area. I finally stumbled across the temperature control in the apartment, in addition to the fact that I was drunk with power. During the weekends when no one was home, I spent the majority of my time with the cooling system on 68 degrees, or the heating system on 72 degrees. It was great, until my parents realized.

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