Loving the thermostat issues

When I was a kid, my parents never let us adjust the thermostat in her home. Until I was fourteen, I didn’t even know where the thermostat was. I later found out that the thermostat for the whole house, was located in my parents bedroom. That was one of the main reasons why none of us located at. None of us were allowed to be in our parents bedroom, without their explicit permission or consent. So the house was a little cold, but I always thought that we just had a bad insulation problem. I came home one afternoon from work, and found that the wood stove was not working properly. I decided to go down to the Supercenter and purchase a space heater that would help generate a little bit of heat in that specific room. I piled on blankets and knew that this was just my way of life. When I found out where the thermostat was in my parents room, I decided to secretly adjust the heating system from 68 degrees, to 70 degrees. Surely I was convinced there was no way my parents would know that I had adjusted the temperature by only two degrees. When the two of them got home from work later on in the evening, they immediately commented about how warm it was in the house. I was sure that they would be able to figure out that someone had adjusted the thermostat, but it wasn’t until two weeks later that they noticed. They must have been in their bedroom working on cleaning something up, because I heard my mom yell from the upstairs that someone was fooling around with the thermostat.

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