Loving my new thermostat

I was pretty old, when I found out what a thermostat exactly was. I had assumed growing up, that there was absolutely no way to change the temperature in the house. The house was consistently warm during the winter, so I never really worried about finding a thermostat. I accepted that my bedroom area was cold, because it was located above the garage. It was exposed to the cold elements on multiple sides. The new house was partially outdated, so I just chalked it up to bad replacements. One winter day, I came back to the house after school to find out that the heating system wasn’t working very well. My parents were upset about the heating system, so they decided to purchase a wood fireplace with a fake great. There were tiny Flames that lit up almost like a real fire. I absolutely love the wood stove, because it heated up my room plus looked inevitably nice. I easily got into a habit of keeping the oil furnace on when the people I was with plus myself for sleeping at night. My parents weren’t very happy that I left the gas furnace running all night long, so they spent a majority of the time yelling at me about that problem. If I would easily be able to adjust the thermostat, then perhaps I wouldn’t need such an alluring fake fireplace to heat up the room. It was nice that my parents bought me a gas furnace for the bedroom, but it would have been even better had they not complained about me using it.

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