Loud dog-using ductless heat pump

These neighbors of mine have a dog that’s huge. Your canine barks non stop, all night time long. Because my bedroom windowpane borders the neighbor’s property, I cannot escape the sound of that terrible animal. He sounds as though he is standing near me and barking straight into my ear. I am often tempted to get up during the night and beat their puppy with a newspaper. Because the neighbors are my parents, there is not a thing I can do about it. I have talked to my parents, but they are more mature, and very hard of hearing; he doesn’t seem to bother them. During the winter, the sound of the boiler is not really loud enough to silence the sound of the dog barking. I attempted to use several box fans, but I could still hear him. In summer time, when I would open the windows for more air, it was extremely hard to stay sleep. Eventually, I did some research online and learned all about a ductless heat pump. The heat pump is very lightweight, small, and combines an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is put high up on the wall and combines both heating and cooling capacity. I can run the ductless heat pump all the time, which allows me to keep my windows closed. Because the indoor unit is installed right in my bedroom, the gentle hum is plenty to cover the sound of the animal. I also get to be perfectly comfortable, with access to a wireless remote. I rarely need to get out of bed to make adjustments to environment, fan speed or humidity levels. Plus, the ductless heat pump has multi-stage filtration, so my bedroom stays considerably cleaner, smells better, and seems fresher.

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