Looking into AC to help air quality

I have never had an air conditioning system installed in my home, since the warm season season is so not a big deal . There are still mornings where the heat & humidity are intense, however they never last super long. There are some warm seasons where the weather is constantly wet like, which makes the humidity seem even worse. In the last few months, I have used window fans & overhead fans to get some air working inside my beach house & get rid of the humidity. I try not to leave windows not shut, since that’s a good way to get an infestation of ants. It’s also upsetting to have all that town noise from the city oozing inside the house, too. I worry about having a decent house when the windows are not shut, & I regularly have to run around the house sealing the windows if it starts to sprinkle. Although I have regularly gotten by not having a cooling unit, I believe that I am finally ready to set up an air conditioner. I have been searching into getting central air conditioning system put in my home, since it would be the greatest way to make sure that every area in my house is evenly kept cold. It would also be better to have better indoor air quality, since the air would not be nearly as wet or sticky with the air conditioning system going! Another point, is that central air conditioning system units come with air filters, and that means that they can take away dust, dirt, or pollen that is flowing through the indoor air quality.

A/C equipment