Looking at the new technology

I am a very disorganized person.  I may be most disorganized person in the world.  I have always had a problem and I really can’t understand why I have such a difficult time.  I often thought about going to a therapist and finding out if there was something to be done, but I never found the time.  I remember once in math class that I was asked for my assignment.  I knew I had done it, but I had no idea where I had put it.  So, trying to remember to have my HVAC serviced or having the air filters cleaned, just simply eludes me.  I guess I never considered it to be a big deal, at least not until I almost burnt my house down.  I walked into my home after work, and I knew I smelled something.  I soon realized it was smoke and I looked downstairs only to see my HVAC system engulfed in smoke.  I immediately called the fire department, who was able to put out the flames, and my basement had been destroyed, but my home was intact.  I had to purchase a new heating and cooling system, and a new temperature control.  I have to admit that I really hadn’t realized how poorly my old HVAC had been working, until I had the new HVAC system working.  I plan on making a good stab at remembering to have my HVAC maintenance done, and on getting the air filters changed regularly.  The HVAC technician who installed the HVAC told me that I should have a maintenance and repair plan.  I think maybe I should call before I forget.   heating