Looking at a good thermostat

We all have friends or neighbors that just love to show off. My neighbor Billy recently hosted a dinner party at his house! Billy honestly loves trying to  impress people with the gadgets and gizmos he collects, so of course he made sure to point each and every new gadget as guests arrived throughout the night. I was lucky enough to witness the unveiling of Billy’s brand new Smart Thermostat. He was thrilled to show off this smart control device many times to a variety of people at the party, so I ended up learning quite a bit about this technology. He had invested in the most lavish device available on the market today, and does has every bell and whistle available. This unit automatically tracks and compiles heating and cooling data, alerts him to problems, and even is adjustable remotely.  He is very happy with his purchase and it got me thinking about the same technology for my own home.  When I called my HVAC dealer, he said that Smart Thermostats are great.  They allow you not only to be in control of the system but save a significant amount of money on utility bills too.  He also said that they vary in price quite a bit depending on the features you want. My neighbor had bought the most expensive one on the market, I didn’t want to spend that much and was happy when I learned that I could have this device without paying so much for it.  My advice to anyone is to visit a local HVAC dealer and see what is available.   Just like automobiles have different packages, and some cost more than others, HVAC systems and components have the same thing.  Get what works for you and your home and don’t worry about what the neighbors think.