Log homes

My wife and I’ve both always desired to live in a log home. I barely knew there could be someone else out there in the world who would agree with the fact that a log cabin like Abe Lincoln used to live in is the way to relax, but I was able to find her. Anyway, we just recently began building our dream house, and one aspect we get out of this experience is that it is typically kind of complicated to install the HVAC system. Here’s the kicker. The walls are rock solid, and we don’t wish for a lot of walls because we like the idea of an open concept house. So, there is a small portion of room for all the ductwork required for a traditional central air conditioning system. I’ve never had any alternate than the usual central air conditioning system, so that’s the kind I really wanted. Unsurprisingly, the HVAC provider had to produce some ideas, and one of the better ones was high velocity HVAC. Because of the fact that we now have solid, log outside walls and don’t really want a big portion of inside walls, high velocity HVAC was an amazing idea. Without space for the A/C return, ductwork, and big air vents, the smaller ductwork that comes with a high velocity HVAC is excellent, as will be the slightly noticeable air vents. The insulated ductwork is actually about four inches in size, I think, which is stupendous because this means the air vents are tiny. Also, that dictates that the air conditioning rushes out of the air vents with a highly increased blast. That’s why it’s called high velocity.

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