loathe and love AC

There is not a single thing I love in this life greater than my family. Without a doubt, my kids are my joy; they are oh so precious to me! Be that as this may, they wouldn’t be who they are nor would I be who I am if it weren’t for the man in the house, my dearly beloved husband. Many people nowadays certainly claim that they love their kids more than their spouses, but I do not. Don’t be mistaken; I adore my kids. Neither they nor I would be as blessed as we’ve become if it weren’t for our man, although. Besides, as they say, you gotta “dance with exactly who brought you, ” right? Even though I love my husband and many of the good he things he does for us, there’s a particular itty, bitty thing I just can’t stand about him: My man’s love of freezing cold air conditioning! Both of us tend to agree on 99% of everything, but the temperature of this A/C is definitely not one. Our disagreement over this concept is not more apparent than at bedtime. For reasons unbeknownst to us, he loves to sleep with the thermostat set no higher than 63 degrees Fahrenheit. On the contrary, I can’t sleep at all in anything less than 73 degrees. We’ve debated this issue, time and time again, but to date, we still have not been able to come to some sort of agreement. Therefore, I searched the internet to validate my position and found an effective WebMD article. The source stated that the healthiest range at which homeowners have to keep the thermostat set can be 65-72. An avid health fanatic, my husband couldn’t disagree with that.

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