Living with HVAC changes

I am convinced that I can ever live with my girlfriend Jess. Jess likes to be together all of the time. She always want us to get-together and hang out all day. Jess needs too much attention while I need my alone time. Additionally, we have different opinions about heating and cooling. Jess gets overheated easily. I think that Jessica is just naturally a few degrees hotter than the average woman. She opens the car windows even in the winter, and is always turning on AC. She cools her whole home to a very low temperature with central a/c. I literally freeze to death everytime I go to her place. I wear Winter sweaters just to eat dinner.  The a/c is just that brutal. I am the opposite of Jess. I prefer to be overly warm. I turn on my gas gas furnace at times when it’s not necessary. In the Spring and early summer season I still operate my gas furnace at low speeds for a bit of warmth. I will  take off garments to cool down, rather than put more on to warm up. Running furnace excessively costs a lot, but it’s worth it to avoid being cold. I consistently start my car ahead of time. I do everything possible to avoid getting in a chilly vehicle. I do not have air conditioning in my house. How can Jess and I live together happily? Will Jess  be sweaty and overheated.  Will I be forced be chilly all of the time? I’ve heard about HVAC systems with  zone control technology.  With this upgrade we could heat and cool different rooms in the house to individual temperatures. Maybe Jess and I could get along with that type of HVAC equipment. We could not share  the same room or one of us would be uncomfortable.

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