Living together with heater and AC problems

I am sure that I can never live with my boyfriend Todd. Todd likes to be together all of the time. He wants us to get together and hang out every day. Todd needs to much attention.  I crave too much alone time. Additionally, Todd and I have a problem with our preferences for heating as well as cooling. Todd  gets overheated easily. He must run a few degrees hotter than the average guy. Todd always rolls down the car windows and runs the  AC. He has his whole house cooled by central a/c. I completely freeze everytime I go to his apartment. . I have to wear a Winter coat just to watch a film. The air conditioner is always blasting at max speed. I am the opposite of Todd. I want to be toasty warm at all times. I have my gas gas furnace operating at all times. In the Spring  and beginning of summer season I sometimes run my heating system. I take off layers to cool down rather than turn down the thermostat.Using the gas furnace excessively costs a fortune, but I despise being cold. I start up my car early just so I don’t need to get  in a cold vehicle. I do not own any type of a/c system. How can Todd and I live comfortably together then? Will Todd always be too hot or will I be too cold all of the time? There is HVAC zone control available.  With this, we could adjust the heating and cooling seperately room by room. We could accommodate our preferences with  that type of HVAC equipment.  We would never want to be in the same room. I just don’t see Todd and I living together working out.  

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