Living in the hotel room

Being happy in a hotel room is so crucial for an superb getaway.  I cannot tell you this enough.  My sister Kate, Beth, as well as I went on a road trip just a few weeks ago.  Us girls were driving across the country to see our parents as well as brother.  Us girls stopped every night in a bizarre city as well as enjoyed the location as the three of us drove along the highway.  Everything was super fun!  However, when Kate and Beth and I stopped halfway through the trip, both of us had trouble finding an available hotel room.  The three of us settled on an old motel.  This was a not good decision! The heating plan in the motel room was not absolutely working at all.  Us girls had it cranked up all the way, but the three of us could not get any heat to circulate throughout the room.  The heating program then started to make some loud noises.  This loud, chunky, aged heating plan was keeping us up all night.  My sister Kate as well as Beth were chilly! There was no rest for us at this “good stop.”  Eventually, the tad amount of heat that was escaping this heating component stopped running altogether.  The three of us all huddled into a single large bed to keep each other heated.  I covered us girls in as many blankets as I could find.  This heating plan was so bad. It ruined this rest stop for us!

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