Let’s keep the plumbing clean

I live in a really large, seriously ancient loft, plus there are frequent parts having to do with plumbing.  There are 2 bathrooms in the loft, plus for the first few months after moving in, David and I all knew that the downstairs toilet was not a good one.  We figured there was something wrong with the toilet, because the downstairs drain was typically clogged.  We kept a plunger right beside the toilet because David and I needed to plunge yearly.  My David got really proficient at swapping all of the guts in the tank of the toilet.  David tried easily everything to get that toilet to head down the drain properly plus reliably.  When David finally had enough with dealing with the clogged toilet and non stop repairs, David replaced it.  David did some research plus chose a modern toilet with better reviews for water pressure plus flushing capacity.  I had not thought that there was a large difference in the quality of toilets, however there absolutely is.  The new toilet is genuinely way more comfortable to be on, resists stains, plus has a tremendous kinds of flushing power.  It never clogs at all, plus now the downstairs toilet is the one that David and I enjoy the best.  I am trying to convince David to also replace the upstairs toilet.  But the upstairs toilet only needs to be plunged every other week, the bowl is stained with rust plus occasionally it won’t turn off either.  David and I need to jiggle the handle or the toilet might run us out of water.  

drain cleaning