Learning not to take my air conditioner for granted

While on vacation recently we were in the south and visited some of the several amusement parks that are there.  From looking at dolphins doing tricks to going on make believe safaris, we spent endless days enjoying the sights.  We never realized what a huge tourist industry that it had become.  There were hotels, motels, and inns everywhere.  Some of the larger theme parks had their own hotels and restaurants for the tourists that stayed there. Every kind of restaurant you could think of with every kind of food known to mankind, was available. One thing that caused us some concern was the long lines at the parks.  We would stand in line for close to an hour to go on some of the more popular attractions.  Not only was it a big bother but very uncomfortable in the summer heat.  
     We often commented on wishing we were back home where our house has central air conditioning. You sometimes don’t appreciate the comfort you have until it is missing.  I remember one summer a couple of years ago we experienced record setting heat waves in our area and as luck would have it my air conditioner broke down right in the middle of it.  On calling several heating and air conditioning repairmen we could only get someone to come out and fix it after a two day wait.  They were booked solid with repair calls during this heat wave.  On fixing our unit the repair technician consoled us on the wisdom of have a regular annual inspection and tune up of not only our air conditioner but our heating system also.  Since then we have never had any more problems and everything runs like a top.

air conditioner tune up