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In the past, I never thought about the spot where the water, waste, and sewage went when it left my bathing room. It went into a drain and then was someone else’s problem. Which has been before I learned that this rental house had a septic system and isn’t connected to the local sewage line. As I didn’t really know much about septic systems, such as how to maintain and service them.

A septic system is basically a self-contained, underground wastewater medication system. The heavy stuff sinks with the bottom, while lighter stuff floats on top. In the middle is mineral water, which drains into a “leachfield: ” The remaining solids are broken down by bacteria before septic tank i pumped sparkling. I didn’t know any of this until my yard started to fill up with water from an mysterious source,

The plumber gave me a crash course in pumping out septic tanks, adding bacteria on the septic system to break down the solids, and how not to break the system between pumping. If properly maintained and pumped on a regular schedule, the septic system can be described as rather economical choice for country areas. No need to dig up roads and homeowners’ yard to include miles of sewer lines. I am so happy I was able to choose a plumber who was familiar with septic systems and also had the equipment needed to create the solids.

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