Leaky plumbing

My boyfriend and I recently moved to a southern state, and so far, we absolutely love it. We both grew up in a cold, wintry region, so having warm weather and humidity is a welcome change for us. Even better, the ocean is just a short drive away, so we can lay out on the beach and swim in the waves any time we want! The only issue that we have with our new climate is that there are bugs everywhere. In fact, we recently found a few around our shower drain! Our apartment is very clean and we never leave food out, so I immediately started looking up reasons why there would be cockroaches in the bathroom. As it turns out, pests are attracted to moisture, and leaky plumbing is a big reason why cockroaches and other bugs would be hiding out around sinks and drains. We are new to the house, so we haven’t spent much time looking after all the plumbing and making sure it is properly maintained. When we moved in, the realtor made it seem like of all the plumbing had just been installed, so we’d have no troubles. I have noticed that our shower faucet tends to drip for a few hours after the water is turned off, which seems to be attracting bugs. The last thing I want is to have cockroaches hanging around my tub and sink drains! You can bet that I was immediately on the phone with the apartment maintenance crew the very next day to schedule a plumbing repair!

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