Leaking refrigerant with the ac

My spouse and I decided to take our children on a trip. It was one of the first times that both of us were going to take the kids on a road trip, and both of us had chosen Disney World as our location. The drive would take almost seven hours, and both of us were going to stay in a hotel while I was in the entire stay. My spouse  and I had picked one of those Disney Resort Hotels, and the kids were undoubtedly happy about our endpoint. When both of us arrived at the hotel, both of us were overtaken by all of the attractive and lush scenery. The weather was gorgeous, and the sun was shining brightly. My spouse and I opened the door to our hotel room, and both of us were overtaken by a bad smell. All of us had advocated a non-smoking room, however, this room smelled as though someone had been smoking cigars. When both of us finally arrived to another room, both of us were also anxious to find problems. As all of us started unpacking, we observed that the A/C system was leaking on the floor. There was a big puddle of water underneath the A/C unit, and I was undoubtedly mad. I went right back down to the lobby and complained about the leaking A/C unit. There were no other rooms available that night, and the front desk asked us to stay put for the night. Since the A/C system was still operable, both of us did not have a lot of choices. My spouse, myself, and our children, ended up eating for free that night, and the hotel offered us VIP tickets to see the fireworks later that night.

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