Leaking AC at pizza place

I just got a job working in a pizza place. I am currently a student and I definitely didn’t realize how much it would cost to live on my own without my parents help. It say it has been a hard adjustment would be an understatement. I wasn’t prepared when they dropped me off at college and they told me they would only be covering the cost of my tuition and dorm. While that may seem like a lot of help, I still wasn’t ready for it. I knew they were having financial trouble so I knew asking for money if I was ever in a bind was out of the question. So I had to get a job. This was actually going to be my first real job ever, I have babysat for family friends before but never worked an actual job. I learned really quickly that I liked to work and making my own money was pretty cool. I eventually had enough money saved that I was able to move out of my dorm room. I had been working as many shifts as I could to save up. I moved into a small crappy place but at least it was mine. I was really happy until one day my HVAC unit stopped working, there was a giant puddle on the floor from where it was leaking. I guess the coils on the HVAC unit froze because the air conditioner filter had not been changed properly. How was I supposed to know I needed to change my air conditioner filter? Well because technically this was my fault, I had to cover the cost of the HVAC repair. I really hope the HVAC technician has mercy on me and doesn’t charge me an arm and a leg for a new HVAC unit!