Lazy and my programmable thermostat

When I was looking at houses prior to my transfer I had a few key characteristics in mind; I knew I wanted privacy from our neighbors, a yard for the pet to play in, and plenty of space for my studio to be set up. Me and the ole’ ball and chain managed to find a home that fit all of these requirements very easily and we couldn’t have gotten a better deal on the rent, either. The home also has a great feature that was an incredible bonus for us; it’s wired with a smart thermostat & lock system. The thermostat, especially, has gotten lots of use since we moved in. We’re so pleased that we happened to secure this particular benefit. Now every we can change the thermostat settings with the touch of a button from anywhere to precisely modify the indoor air conditions whenever we want. This comes in handy when we’re running errands and get stuck in traffic, for instance. Instead of continuing to power our house at the beach when not a single person is present, we can just turn off the cooling system to compensate for our later arrival time. However, an unforeseen benefit is that we can also use the thermostat application from inside the home to change the temperature without having to get up. Now we’re using it all day to turn up the A/C from bed and the couch rather than walking to the wall mounted thermostat panel. The indoor air conditioning is constantly comfortable, we’re in bliss.  Who would have thought this smart thermostat would make us so happy!  

thermostat unit