Laundromat therapy

Once a week I like to go do my laundry at the laundromat down the street. During the Spring and Fall I usually go for walks while my clothes get clean. This is a really nice relaxing time for me that I can always depend on, since I can hardly go longer than a week without doing my laundry. For the rest of the year, I usually enjoy one of the automatic coin-operated massage chairs they have there. It only costs a dollar for fifteen minutes of vibrating massage heaven. While I enjoy a nice jossel, I also know that I never have to worry about the extreme summer heat or the winter’s icy chill interfering with my relaxation. The climate control system at this laundromat is one of the finest I have ever come across. You’d think the HVAC equipment at a place like this may leave some things to be desired, but it really pumps out indoor air quality like you would not believe. Perhaps this really exceptional level of climate control is only possible due to the slightly more expensive washer operation costs, but a good HVAC system and the corresponding comfort is well worth a few extra quarters. Did I mention that the heating and cooling equipment runs completely noiselessly? That is just another indicator of the climate control system in place. It must have cost them a fortune to outfit their facility with an HVAC system worthy of a king’s palace. After spending an afternoon there, my home air conditioner and furnace are hardly satisfying.

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