Keeping the ac covered

I laughed the other day when I saw that some neighbors had decided to put a covering over their air conditioning system. Fearing that debris might possibly be blown into the outdoor unit, they assumed that covering up the A/C unit was the best thing to do. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors soon discovered that covering the air conditioner truly created more harm than good. With all of the humidity that our area is experiencing, the air conditioner’s cover caused the humid air to become trapped underneath the covering and inside the interior of the cooling system. After only a couple of days, the air conditioning compressor started to rust from the moisture, and the rust got to the stage that it even caused a gaping hole to form. My neighbor had to pay almost two hundred dollars to have the compressor swapped out. In spite of the really expensive repair, my neighbor still insists that he was better off covering his cooling system. He told me that there seems to be no doubt that debris would have gotten caught in the system. When I advised that I’d left my air conditioning system uncovered and didn’t experience any damage, he responded by telling me that I was just really lucky. I did want to argue with him about this, but I did send him a photo later of my A/C unit working properly. I figured it could cause him to finally acknowledge he had made a mistake; nonetheless, he responded with a photo of a four-leaf clover.

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