Just paid for a HVAC service plan to not worry about it

There are certain things that I leave up to the professionals. My theory is that if I look at the situation and don’t even know what I am looking at, time to call someone else. When I pop the hood of my car, all I saw is metal pieces. My plumbing looks like a bunch of rusty pipes to me. My HVAC unit looks like grates, metal and a lot of dust. So I don’t even bother doing my own HVAC cleanings or tune ups. I have learned that I need to change an air filter every three months. I learned how to do that. Other than replacing the cooling filter, I am done. If my HVAC unit won’t turn on or the thermostat acts weird, I have to call someone in. I don’t mind at all. Whatever the HVAC contractor charges me is worth it. I would pay obscene amounts of money not to figure out the job myself. Perhaps that is how the HVAC businesses get away with their large prices. Plumbing, heating and cooling should be pricy. Who really wants to mess with any of those things? I make good money and work a lot of hours. I do that to ensure I don’t do my own HVAC maintenance. I even let myself spring for a HVAC maintenance plan where the HVAC guy comes twice a year to service the unit. I don’t even have to make a call. The guy comes in on his own and goes to work. It is that easy and simple. I don’t mind the money spent at all.

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