Job has thermostat stipulations

Simply last month, I started an exciting new job. I was hired immediately and was extremely excited to be moving up in the staff. For my new position, I have an innovative new office, a computer, as well as a secretary. That means I can spend all day long in my office doing work and not having to be bothered by phone calls or people walking into my office! I have an innovative new zone control thermostat in my office additionally which allows me to change the heating and cooling temperatures inside my office year round. This is possibly the coolest part of my new job because within my previous workplace, I always found myself shivering in the air conditioner being on too high or freezing for the reason that heaters weren’t working. Now, I have full access to the heating and cooling and additionally I couldn’t be happier. Then again, on my first day of orientation, the owner specifically went over tips on how to use the zone control heating and cooling. He was very adamant about how often you can change the environments and turning the system off during the night. It is a bit intimidating to have the owner school you on tips on how to use his expensive, new HVAC system and I am afraid that if I inadvertently leave the heating or cooling on, he might fire me. To be sure that I don’t get fired over the dumb HVAC mistake, I wrote down clear directions on how to use the HVAC system without breaking the policies. I also leave a note on my door to remind me to shut the heating or cooling off at the end of the day!