Job fair-HVAC contractor


It’s very important to me that I am actively involved in my daughter’s life. I’m a father who works considerably long hours but I still want to be included in my daughter’s life. My wife does a huge job keeping things organized at our home while she also has a full-time job. Just the other day, my daughter had a career day at her school where the parents would come in and talk about their jobs. This is very new to me. My daughter invited me to come talk to her class. I didn’t think they would think my job as an HVAC technician was very interesting. As an HVAC technician, I do a lot of physical labor, including reaching, kneeling, standing and sometimes climbing up big ladders as well. I install A/C systems as well as air ducts and furnaces. I also do repair on on different kinds of HVAC equipment. My job is interesting to me. I have a lot knowledge on the heating and cooling industry, but I felt like my job was going to be hard for the children to understand. However, it turns out they had a lot of good questions for me. They all understood how an air conditioner works and loved to talk about their home cooling systems. They asked why fans didn’t work as well as air conditioners so I tried to explain it to them. One boy just had to know what an HVAC technician does so I told him I keep up, repair and install heating and cooling systems that keep the temperature within the house comfortable. He said he wanted to be an HVAC technician when he grew up.

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