I’ve been trying to fix our heater for a while

I volunteer at a gymnastics studio on Monday and Tuesday. Monday night I showed up to do my shift and encountered a big mess. There was mass quantities of water everywhere. The carpets were drenched with dirty water. The lamps in the waiting room would have to be unplugged and removed. I needed to mop the building and move every one of the chairs. I then inspected the waiting room area to see what caused the massive mess of water. In the closet near to the waiting room for the studio lies the boiler system. The boiler system is mostly a huge unit that is typically just a lot of connected pipes. One of the boiler’s pipes broke and was leaking badly. Apparently the heating system’s pipe had been leaking for a few days too. The water was all over and super dirty. Since I rent the place out and don’t own this heating system, it was time to call the man who owned the building. He had to drive over and look at the problem with the heater system. I had about fifteen eight year olds coming in about an hour and a half, too. So time was not in abundance. The guy barely looked at the heating system and declared he wanted to call in a HVAC specialist. The heating technician would not be able to look at the HVAC system until the end of that week. So that meant I had to deal with no heating and water for the entire day. I also will need to deal with the same situation on Tuesday while I work too. This is all because one pipe broke in this HVAC equipment.

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