It’s very hot in here

Last week, my sister invited the entire family over to celebrate my niece’s fifteenth birthday.  In my culture the fifteenth birthday is a big deal for girls and we celebrate them with a huge party.  We all kicked in a covered dish, to help with the meal, so my sister could help her niece get dressed like a princess.  It was the middle of July and it was a scorcher outside.  The temperature was in the nineties, and it was supposed to get even warmer.  My sister has a great HVAC system in her house, and my niece was complaining that she wanted to have her party inside and out of the heat, and not outside, but my brother in law was already beginning to cook on his grill.  I had brought a salad, and a watermelon, which was taken into the house where the AC was keeping the other food that was arriving, from spoiling.  We had kept the car AC on high to keep the salad from wilting, so we didn’t want it to wilt now.  The boys didn’t really want to go to a party for a girl, but I shushed them because their grandparents would be there and they hadn’t seen for a while.  My brother in law was still cooking, but my dad tried to convince him to come into the house and the air conditioning for a while.  He finally relented and came in for the AC when the meats were all cooked.  We had made the basement  into a beautiful ballroom, and we had an amazing time at the party.  I even got the boys dancing, and we were so happy that the heat hadn’t ruined the day.

A/C equipment