It’s very hot in here

My friends and I scored tickets to see a single one of our favorite performers in concert, then my Dad won the tickets on a stereo show contest, and there were several tickets in total. My friends and I were super happy to see the great band, because it was the first time that they had been touring, and the locale was located downtown, and the concert would be held on a school evening! I was certainly surprised that my Dad was going to let us go to the show, especially since it would put us out until 12 at night on a Monday evening. I was even more surprised when my Dad dropped us off, instead of coming inside with us. I knew that meant that he certainly trusted me, and I was feeling honestly proud. My Dad was certainly surprised when my friends and I called him 3 hours later. The concert locale was extremely hot, and my friends and I were feeling extremely faint. The temperature inside of the locale felt like it was 101 degrees, and there wasn’t any air conditioning running at all. Even when my friends and I were close  to an air conditioning vent, all of us could not see any freezing air blowing out. There was no way that all of us were going to leave the show so early, so all of us decided to put up with the lack of air conditioning. There were people around us complaining about the hot temperatures, and I knew that pretty much everyone was suffering because of the lack of air conditioning. My friends and I could not handle the lack of air conditioning by 10 o’clock, so all of us called my Dad to come and get us early.

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