It’s too hot to cook

My parents invited everyone over for dinner last Saturday.  We all agreed to bring part of the meal so that Mom didn’t have to cook so much .  We were going over to celebrate Dad’s birthday and my nephew’s birthday of the same time.  Because it was the middle of July we knew it was going to be a warm day.  Of course, we didn’t know it was going to be a record  breaker.  Our area has not experienced the type of weather we are having now in over 50 years  and the upcoming forecast doesn’t look like we’re going to get a break.  Mom and dad have a great HVAC system but mom had planned a  cookout.  Dad had a new smoker that he wanted to try out  and he went and bought ribs just for the occasion.  When Saturday morning arrived I made the salad  and bought a watermelon to cut up. We drove over to their house with the air conditioning on  high.   the kids were in the car complaining because they knew it was going to be hot once we got to their grandparents house.   told them that they needed to be polite no matter what  and that we only saw their  grandparents occasionally.  Once we arrived I couldn’t believe how hot it was outside.  Dad was standing over his cooker sweating to death trying to get the ribs to cook. Mom kept saying that she was not going outside.  She was comfortable inside with the air conditioner going and wanted to have everyone eat inside.  All of us agreed and my brother finally convinced dad to bring everything in once it was done,  We set up the table like a picnic inside  and have a lot of fun. After dinner we played board games  and shared stories for hours before we headed home. Even though the meal was ruined as far as eating outside we had a great visit.

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