It’s time to do the tune-up

I started seeing this guy about a month ago. The two of us kept things pretty casual by going on several dates together. Last weekend, I went over to his home for the very first time. He lives in a smaller place within town. It’s designed really nicely, but nothing special. He’s not the cleanest guy in the world, which sort of irritates me. The odored in his home isn’t very pleasant either. When I went over last, he ordered us Chinese food, plus played a film for us to watch. I was definitely looking forward to the yummy Chinese food, but immediately noticed how frigid it was inside. I was extremely frustrated with myself, because I didn’t think to bring a jacket or sweater. I wasn’t comfortable enough to ask this new guy I was seeing to adjust his cooling system. I figured that some food might warm me up on the inside, so I started eating my Chinese food. However, I continued to feel the frigid air from his cooling system. I told him that I wanted to use the washroom, plus scoured the walls for his thermostat along the way. I thought I’d change the temperature to something different. When I saw the control unit within the hallway off of the kitchen. It read 65 degrees. I couldn’t believe I was seeing someone who was comfortable living in 65 degrees! I was not sure if I could continue dating him if he was comfortable at such a frigid temperature. I didn’t adjust the temperature on the wall, because I ended up making a lame excuse to leave his house.

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