It’s time to do a duct sealing

Ever since moving into my current house, I have been on a mission with the maintenance.  The house is over a century old, and has been largely neglected.  The plumbing, electric, heating and cooling systems were outdated and in terrible condition when I moved in.   It took me years and a good deal of money to replace all of the plumbing, the gas furnace and air conditioning.   I realized that I had forgotten to make any improvements to the duct system inside.  I hired an Heating and Air Conditioning company to inspect the air duct and give suggestions to us.  Just as I had suspected, the ductwork was letting the heated and cooled air to escape through many holes and leaks near the seams.  This was also allowing unconditioned and polluted air into the house, and forcing the Heating and Air Conditioning unit to run throughout the day.  Plus, the air duct was blocked with a buildup of things such as dust, mold, mildew, pollen, and bacteria, which was lowering our air quality.   I was relieved that the ductwork was able to be fixed up.  It simply required professional repairing and cleaning to restore optimum airflow.  Once these services were complete, I noticed a big difference in the cleanliness and comfort of my house.

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