It’s time to clean

The other day, I unexpectedly had the day off all work. Due to an HVAC issue within my workplace, every business in the building shut down. Our company is located to the ninth floor of a skyscraper, high enough that it only takes minutes to get overheated without air conditioning. Apparently, over the weekend, the A/C equipment broke down, and no HVAC companies could come to fix it before the work week started. Accordingly, all employees were given the day off whilst the HVAC technicians performed an A/C repair! I was beyond excited. For a long time now, I have been so active that cleaning and miscellaneous house projects have piled up. I was long overdue to finish laundry, and I could not even remember the last time I had done the dusting! I began my day by sleeping in until 9, which felt such as an insane luxury. Then, I procured a shower, made my hair into a messy bun, and got down to it. I cleaned my house up and down. I put away every bit of my summer decor, brought up my fall decorations, and bought new storage bins to keep my extra stuff neat and tidy. I went through my storage room, separating clothes into piles for donation – I even threw some worn out things away! No corner of the house was untouched. I worked just as hard and just as many hours as I would have at the office, but I was in my own place with perfect air conditioning! That unexpected day off was a particular boon to my house!

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