It’s time for the plumbing to be cleaned

I know that I live in a super seasoned home, and there are frequent problems with plumbing.  There 2 types of powder rooms in the house, and for the first few years after going in, Julian and I all knew that the downstairs toilet was not that best one.  Julian figured there was something wrong with the drain, because the downstairs toilet was constantly not draining.  Julian and I kept a plunger right beside the toilet because him or I needed to plunge quarterly. Julian got super proficient at replacing the parts in the tank of the toilet.  Julian tried entirely everything to get that toilet to flush better and constantly.  When Julian finally threw in the towel with dealing with the blocked toilet and non stop repairs, that was when we updated it.  Julian did some research and chose a new toilet with better ratings for water pressure and flushing ability.  I had not thought that there was a immense difference in the model of toilets, however there entirely is.  The stylish toilet is particularly much more comfortable to rest on, resists rust, and has a tremendous amount of flushing power.  It never will not flush and now the downstairs toilet is the one Julian and I love best.  I am trying to convince Julian to also update the upstairs toilet.  Although the upstairs toilet only has to be plunged a couple of times a week, the bowl is stained with orange colors and sometimes it won’t shut off.  So Julian and I need to wiggle the handle or the toilet might run us out of water.  

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