It’s time for me to let some air in

Throughout the school year, I am guilty of telling myself that I will work on a project during the summer. Clean out my closet? Summertime. Trim the bushes? I’ll get to it during the summer. Set up my file cabinet? When I have extra time in the summer. Put up a gallery wall? Maybe in the summer. Plan a menu? I’ll start in the summer. Replace my A/C unit? It’ll wait until the summer! The problem is that my summer is really short, and I have piled up so many projects for myself that there is no way that I can get them done in six weeks! I sat down at the beginning of summer and tried to prioritize them all. The first one that I needed to do was replace my air conditioning unit. At my HVAC tune-up appointment last winter, the HVAC contractor told me that my HVAC unit was on its last leg, and that my A/C might not make it through the summer without dying. At the time, I did not have the money or time to get it replaced, so I just put it on the summer project list. Now, though, I am very worried that I will be stuck without air conditioning, so I know that I needed to get this replaced. I still have the phone number for the HVAC company I use, so I will give them a call this week. Hopefully, I can get my air conditioning unit replaced quickly. At least one item on my summer to-do list will be complete!

A/C tune-up