It’s time for me to get to work

Winter has always been my absolute favorite season. I really enjoy wearing a lot of layers, scarves, and being able to spend my evenings adjacent to the fireplace. Sometimes I choose not to run my heater so that I can be fully dependent on my lovely fireplace instead. I know this is a little bit strange, but there is something really charming about spending an evening close to the fireplace and having the rest of the house feel a bit nippy. I think that if the HVAC system stopped working the day after, I would easily get along just fine. I always keep a great deal of logs in the backyard so that I can get a fire going whenever I need to. When I get a fire going, my favorite thing to do is to read a nice book or watch a movie. This here is the ultimate form of relaxation in my opinion. The only thing that would make this experience any better is when it starts to snow. I absolutely love watching the snow from the comfort of my window. When I see the snow falling, I know that the winter season has really started, and I feel entirely at home. I have always lived within a place that has very long and harsh winters, and I don’t think I would live anywhere else because this is what I love. As long as I am able to stay in a home with a nice fireplace, I will continue to be among those cold weather people who adores being indoors and soaking in the great warmth from the flames. Some people can have their fancy heaters along with radiant heated flooring, but I personally choose the old-fashioned way of keeping my house comfortable during the coldest months in the year.

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