It’s sizzling out here

I invited the entire family over for the Fourth of July.  My husband bought the hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs for the smoker.  The rest of the family were making different salads and desserts.  Because it was July, we had already anticipated that it would be hot, but the pool was opened, and we didn’t think about the heat.  Unfortunately, we hadn’t thought that the heat would end up being the hottest Fourth of July on record.  By the time the family had arrived, we had temperatures that were near one hundred.  I took all of the food inside, where the air conditioning was, and I refused to stay outside.  My husband insisted that it couldn’t be a good day, if the meat was on the grill.  I shook my head and pointed at the air conditioner and blew him a kiss as he sat down to watch the ribs.  My son showed up, and he went out to talk to his dad and get him to come inside with the air conditioning, but he is a stubborn man.  My grandson came in, and he was grumbling about the heat, and sitting outside.  I assured him that no one was going to be outside, but we could stay in with the air conditioner, unless they wanted to go swim, and he perked up a little.  We set up the table and chairs, picnic style, and my husband soon came in with the meats.  We had such a great time, and no one opted to use the pool.  I don’t know if it was the company, or the air conditioning, but we laughed and played games until almost midnight.  We may not have had the cookout we planned, but we had a great cook in.

new air conditioner