It’s not hard to put a new room on your home

My dad plays a lot of hockey. He is almost sixty is in better shape than My business is, because the old man loves the ice. I have to say, I absolutely love watching your him play, too. He has such enjoyable, the energy is infectious, and all his other friends have a pretty fun time there too. Every time I visit watch a game, he always takes to get some beer and wings after, which doesn’t hurt either. He plays with the same rink every week, and every time, it is almost a deal breaker. It is the coldest building I’ve ever been in in my entire life. I know, I know, it’s a good hockey rink. It’s a building literally suitable house ice. But most other rinks have some sort of heating system! Even if it’s just hot air that blows right over the stands onto the fans, you can find still some heat. Although, that old men’s league doesn’t exactly draw a crowd, so perhaps they shut off the heating when they go onto the ice. Who knows. But it almost feels like they’ve got the air conditioning running part way through winter in that place. I swear I almost lose a finger when I walk through the opportunities, and I am really tempted to stay inside the heated car for a few minutes before walking inside the arena. But of course I go in. Heat or not really, he is still my dad! And no matter the temperature, I love watching him engage in his favorite sport.