It’s like the desert in here

My buddy served in the military for about seven years. He was inside the Army, and he was stationed overseas many times. When he tells me stories about his experiences overseas, I realize how challenging that period was for him. He was required to stay in places that were especially uncomfortable. He had very small privacy, and many of the bunks he stayed in didn’t even have HVAC systems. I couldn’t even imagine being in a hot and dry environment that failed to have an air conditioner. I would be completely miserable because I am definitely used to turning on my A/C when there is the slightest bit of heat. He is a real trooper for sticking it out through all of his deployments. The challenge of not having an air conditioner by itself would deter me from even joining the military. I’ve never been drawn to that kind of lifestyle. I am not extremely athletic, I am pretty scrawny, I don’t care for such rigid structure, and I don’t think I could deal with being away from my home for large amounts of time. I’m glad there are people like him who are able to play those roles in our society because I am definitely not cut out for that life. I prefer the life that I have now where I have got full authority over my air conditioner, this job, and I get to see my family on a regular basis. Did I mention that he lived inside the desert without an air conditioner? I don’t understand how he was able to survive that. It must have been a really trying time for him. I just can’t get over how insane that sounds.

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