It’s hard to not struggle

I have a very overwhelming fear that my boiler will cut out on me one day. As soon as I moved into the house I’m in now, I was 24 plus completely broke. However, this home came with a boiler system. I couldn’t afford a better heating method, so I just dealt with the immense, rusted plus old furnace. I’ve grown to love my boiler, because I understand it. I don’t make the boiler work too hard each day. The boiler just heats my house whenever needed. It also heats the swimming pool within the backyard. I use the boiler during the entire year, so it’s pretty great. I have more money now that I’m older, so I could afford to replace it. However, I just don’t want to. I would much rather use that money to complete some other remodeling around the house. Each time I spend a little money on a different project, I worry that my boiler will stop working. I worry that I won’t have any more money to replace the boiler. Then, I’ll be without a heating method or a water furnace to heat my pool. The boiler is very important and a pivotal area in my life. I can’t lose that boiler now. I suppose that I could hire a heating professional to come and examine the furnace, or at least clean the boiler. I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Instead, I just pray plus dream that my boiler is as durable as it appears. So far, everything is good.

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