It’s hard for me to worry

I try to be fair when it comes to disagreements with people as much when I can. However, I never seem to find the same in return. I live with three other people who seemed to have been born to argue. I’m not sure why all of them have matching personalities, but it truly is driving me absolutely insane. Regardless what I do, someone is always quick to inform me I’m wrong. Not only that, I seem to be the easiest to blame and I’m not sure why, especially when it comes to the HVAC unit in our place. When I want our destination to be cooled down in summer months, someone will go and change the HVAC thermostat to your really low setting, knowing darn well it’s scorching outside. This is the same when winter times comes and someone will have the heat on blast making the entire place look like I’m inside of a volcano enclosed by molten lava. It certainly makes no sense, and we argue nearly every day about the HVAC unit. When I complained about the HVAC issue to my momma, she suggested that I move back home, but I really don’t want to. If the way I’m being treated happens because I’m too nice, then I’ll just need to put my foot down and ask for an official house meeting to get this HVAC issue straightened out. It seems that no one will take the initiative but me, so maybe I am better fitted to complete the task. If I’m not well received, you really can’t blame me for seeking to make things right. I prefer to live and coexist peacefully as I am sure most people do.

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