It’s getting warmer by the second

When the colder months sweep in, it feels that the bone chilling winter weeks are unending. I start dreading winter in October and begin to consider my heating. I think that preparing for the winter blues earlier helps me deal with it much better when it eventually arrives. The cold temperature often requires you to endlessly layer clothes to stay warm outside. For me, the real burden is putting on tights or attempting to wear jewelry underneath my bulky gloves; now that’s a special kind of warfare. I find myself rushing frantically from indoor spot to another. I don’t see friends or neighbors much, and if I do, I don’t stop to talk because it’s cold. The worst is the duration of winter, the constant snowfall, along with the sheer volume of snow that winter produces. I despise the way cold air makes your bones hurt and the frosty wind that leaves your face feeling like it was rubbed by sandpaper. On top of everything, what I dislike even more than winter is spending several months every year stuck in an emotional state of total dread. All of these are great reasons why having heating ventilation is necessary, especially in colder states. With heating inside my home, there’s no issue getting up every day and that gives me somewhat of a secure feeling. I usually set my thermostat heating to a toasty 70 degrees any time the temperature in my house is not what I need it to be. Like a great number of winter illnesses, the flu is a highly infectious sickness and an expensive one. It’s certainly not one I might ever risk all because there is no in-home heating. I can ensure this winter won’t be too dreadful, inside at least.

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