It’s far too cold in here

We had to travel home for my little sister’s wedding a couple weekends ago. We currently live in the south but my family lives up north in the cold. In order to get the most out of our trip, we booked plane tickets. We contemplated obtaining a puppy sitter for our several month old puppy, but booking her a round trip plane ticket wasn’t a lot more expensive. We love bringing her along and showing her off to everyone so we brought her with us. It was her very first plane ride so we were very nervous! Since she isn’t a sight dog, she had to be kept inside her travel bag for the whole plane ride. The travel bag also would have to be kept under the seat in front of us. She did not enjoy this at all. First off, the bag was beneath the cool air vents, and our girl was freezing! We packed a little blanket for her, but we could not get her to cease shaking. I just wanted to wrap her up inside my arms and share my own heat with her, but the plane regulations forbid it. I spent the entire plane ride bent over itching her head in order to maintain her warmth. My husband and I shut off our small air vents, but nevertheless the plane was still freezing cold. It didn’t take long until she started crying, because she was so cold and nervous. We felt terrible because there wasn’t much we could do! My husband gave up his warmth by taking off his sweatshirt and wrapping it around her, just so she could stay warm and toasty on our flight back home.

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