It’s cold in my boyfriend’s place

I began dating this woman a few months back. Things began pretty casual, with dates here and there. Then, the other week we visited her apartment for the first time. She lives in a smaller place on the outskirts of town. It’s a charming apartment, but it’s nothing special. She isn’t a neat and tidy person, which kind of aggravates me. Her apartment always smelled like outdated garage when I visited. Last time, she’d gotten us take out Chinese food plus set up a movie for us to watch together. I was really looking forward to eating the Chinese food, but observed how chilly it felt inside her apartment. I was very frustrated with myself because I didn’t think to bring a light jacket. Things were still new between us, so I couldn’t ask her to turn down the air conditioning unit. I thought that by eating some food, this could heat me up a little, so I began digging into my Chinese take out. The food was yummy, however I continued to freeze from the intense air conditioning. I told her that I had to go to use the restroom plus searched for the thermostat on the way there. I wanted to change the temperature to something much warmer. I discovered the thermostat within her hallway off of the family room. I noticed that she had it set to 67 degrees, plus couldn’t believe it! In that moment, I wasn’t so sure I could continue dating a woman that was comfortable living in such a cold temperature. I didn’t end up changing the temperature on thermostat, because I made up an excuse to leave her apartment.

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