Investing in my air quality

To be a new teacher, it seems as if it really has been hard for me to remain healthy. I have had some issues with germs spreading throughout the school. It is the only thing I don’t especially like about about school. It can be a giant swimming pool with regards to germs and bacteria. I am sick at least twice a month or even more. I am told I just need to build my immune system up. I am so sick of the germs at school I installed an air purification system at my home. This makes me feel much better about being at home. I notice a huge difference in the air in comparison to the school. The air feels much more fresh. I am not are afraid to breathe the air at home. I feel as if the air purification system also helps me to get better faster. By eliminating all those excess germs, I am not keeping my cold so long. It is much easier to get healthy when you have an air purification system. Because of this, hospitals have so many of them. They have them to ensure that things stay sterile. They cannot have all of the germs floating around. If they did more people in the hospital would get sick and we cannot afford that to happen at all. As the school year continues, I will relish the air purification system I may possibly keep it at home to keep us comfortable. It is like my saving grace at home. However, I will pursue to fight the germ battle at school.

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